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Android iOS Description
AccountManager.getAccounts() NextAuth.accounts Retrieve a list of all accounts.
AccountManager.getAccountById() Retrieve a specific account by ID.
AccountManager.deleteAccount() NextAuth.deleteAccount() Delete an account.


Android iOS Description
AppLogin.start() AppLogin.start() Start AppLogin.
AppLogin.session Retrieve the AppLogin session.
AppLogin.isLoggedIn() Check if the AppLogin session is logged in.
AppLogin.hasStarted() Check if the AppLogin session has been started.
AppLogin.getWebNonce() Retrieve the web nonce for the AppLogin.
AppLogin.getUsername() Retrieve the username for the AppLogin.
AppLogin.getToken() Request a token for the AppLogin (requires server support).
AppLogin.stop() AppLogin.stop() Log out of the AppLogin.


Android iOS Description
HistoryList.getList() NextAuth.history Retrieve all history, excluding active sessions and AppLogins.
HistoryList.getList(Date) NextAuth.history(after:) Retrieve all history after a certain date, excluding active sessions and AppLogins.
HistoryList.getList(int) NextAuth.history(for:) Retrieve all history for a specific account, excluding active sessions and AppLogins.
HistoryList.getRawList() NextAuth.rawHistory Retrieve all history.
HistoryList.getRawList(Date) NextAuth.rawHistory(after:) Retrieve all history after a certain date.
HistoryList.getRawList(int) NextAuth.rawHistory(for:) Retrieve all history for a specific account.

Push Messages⚓︎

Android iOS Description
NextAuth.processPushMessage() NextAuth.start(notification:) Process push message.
NextAuth.decryptPushMessage() Decrypt push message (without processing the push message).
NextAuth.retrieveMessages() NextAuth.retrieveMessages() Retrieve pending messages from the Message Center.
NextAuth.updatePushToken() NextAuth.updatePushToken() Update push token information.

Second Factor⚓︎

Android iOS Description
SecondFactorManager.canEnabledBiometrics() NextAuth.canEnableBiometrics() Check if biometrics can be enabled.
SecondFactorManager.hasEnabledBiometrics() NextAuth.hasEnabledBiometrics() Check if biometrics are enabled as second factor.
SecondFactorManager.sfInput() NextAuth.sfInput() Input PIN, biometrics or both.
SecondFactorManager.sfCancel() NextAuth.sfCancel() Cancel second factor input.
SecondFactorManager.sfBiometricsAdd() NextAuth.sfBiometricsAdd() Enable biometrics as second factor.
SecondFactorManager.sfBiometricsRemove() NextAuth.sfBiometricsRemove() Disable biometrics as second factor.
SecondFactorManager.sfChangePin() NextAuth.sfChangePIN() Change PIN.


Android iOS Description
new PinContainer() PIN() Initialise a new PIN container, optionally include required length of the PIN.
PinContainer.pushDigit() PIN.pushDigit() Appends a digit to the currently stored value.
PinContainer.popDigit() PIN.popDigit() Removes the last digit from the currently stored value.
PinContainer.reset() PIN.reset Reset the PIN container.
PinContainer.getLength() PIN.length Get the length of the currently stored value.
PinContainer.getRequiredLength() PIN.requiredLength Get the required length of the currently stored value.
PinContainer.isComplete() PIN.isComplete Check if the currently stored value is of the required length.
PinContainer.isCommon() PIN.isCommon Check whether or not the currently stored value can be considered a commonly used PIN.
PinContainer.isZero() PIN.isZero Check whether or not the currently stored value is zero.
PinContainer.equals(PinContainer) PIN == PIN Check whether or not the stored values inside two PIN containers are the same.


Android iOS Description
SessionManager.getSessions() NextAuth.sessions Retrieve a list of all sessions.
SessionManager.getSession() Retrieve a specific session by ID.
SessionManager.isMobileSession() Check if the specific session was started on mobile.
SessionManager.start() NextAuth.start() Start a new session.
SessionManager.setAccount() NextAuth.setAccount() Select an account to continue authentication for a specific session.
SessionManager.getToken() NextAuth.getToken() Request an upstream token.
SessionManager.stop() NextAuth.stop() Stop a specific session.
SessionManager.generateOTP() NextAuth.generateOTP() Generate an OTP for a specific session and account.

User Interaction⚓︎

Android iOS Description
NextAuth.getUserInteraction() Method to retrieve the latest callback, for which NextAuth is currently waiting for user interaction (ConfirmEnrol,ConfirmLogin or SecondFactor), if any.


On Android, when your app goes to the background and the user opens your app again by pressing the app icon or notification, typically the Launcher activity is launched. By implementing this call in your Launcher activity, you can make sure that the user can continue their current nextAuth flow that requires user interaction.

QR Detection⚓︎

Android iOS Description
NextAuth.processQR() Detect binary QR code in an image, returning the data in the QR code.