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Liveness and Readiness⚓︎

It is possible to run health checks against all services of the Authentication Server. To this end, the NC, SFS, and MC services expose a /live and /ready endpoint on their Admin transport (see Network Setup). Conforming to the requirements of Kubernetes liveness and readiness probes, they will return an HTTP status 200 if the service is healthy and can serve requests. Note that any non-200 status code indicates the opposite. You can append ?full=1 to the URL of each endpoint to get an an overview of the performed checks in addition to the status code.

The Docker images of these services also include the HEALTHCHECK instruction. They are configured to query the readiness endpoint every five seconds, with a three-second timeout.


In addition to the liveness and readiness checks, the Admin transport of these three services also exposes Prometheus metrics under /metrics. These metrics allow you to get better insight into the performance of the Authentication Server and enable more detailed status monitoring.