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Error Codes⚓︎

Code Meaning Next Steps
1 Message Center Not Initialised The Mobile SDK did not succeed to enrol at the Message Center. Check that your Message Center is reachable and that the config string corresponds to the one you received from nextAuth for that Message Center URI.
16 Network Client Closed
17 Network Client Not Closed
18 Network Client Invalid Message Type
32 QR Parsing Error The QR code could not be parsed.
33 QR Unknown Type
34 No Accounts Found for Server The user scanned a login QR code, but has no accounts on the corresponding nextAuth Server.
35 Username Already Exists The nextAuth Server forbids (in its server parameters) two accounts with the same username to be registered by the Mobile SDK. You already have an account with this server for the given username in the Mobile SDK and can hence not register another.
36 No Input Proto
37 Wrong Confirmation
38 Unknown Account
39 Unknown Server
40 Enrol QR Single Account The Mobile SDK is configured for a single account and hence does not allow for the registration of another.
41 Enrol QR Expired QR code for registration is no longer valid, it has either expired or was already used before to register an account.
48 Server Authentication Failed
49 Server Authentication Error
50 Server Authentication Timeout
51 Server Authentication Unknown Error
52 Server Not Allowed
64 Server Parameters No Result After scanning a registration QR code, the Mobile SDK could not connect to your nextAuth Server for fetching the server parameters. Check that your nextAuth Server is reachable.
65 Server Parameters Wrong Header
66 Server Parameters No Message
67 Server Parameters Parse Error
68 Server Parameters Hash Incorrect The hash of the server parameters does not correspond to the hash included in the registration QR code. This can happen when the server parameters are updated after the registration QR code was generated.
69 Server Parameters Invalid Signature
70 Server Parameters Timeout
80 Push Decrypt Fail The received encrypted push message failed to decrypt.
96 Second Factor No Valid Server
97 Second Factor Timestamp Failure